Faux Outrage against Swamy’s Comments against Pakistan

When I read Subramanian Swamy’s article in DNA or the tweets today about his comment of breaking Pakistan into 4 I was reminded of this story.

 Once a Parrot was flying across a road. It hit a biker on his helmet. The biker brought the unconscious bird home and nursing it to health put it inside a bird cage. The bird on waking up thinks…*Oh They have put me in Jail. The poor boy must have died.*

Subramanian Swamy is a single individual who is head of a party that has very little following at the ground level. On the other hand he has done some great services to the nation, not just in recent times but mainly in his earlier stint as minister in Chandrasekhar Government. A maverick he might be but this society that loves its Lalloo could do well to respect this man who ensured India survived in 1990.

On the other hand, we have fallen Head over Heels when ever a Pakistani Head of State of visits us. Be it Bhutto or Musharraf, they have been the darling of our press. As a Nation we do not harbour any ill feelings to even those who have done us as Grave harm and rightly so. But should we not extend the same courtesy to our own citizens. The treatment of Swamy or Modi by the ELM appear churlish to put it mildly.

At the same time the ravings and ranting of most Internet Yindoos against the press or politicians are similar. They unfortunately produce the opposite effect.




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