The Bulb Changer

Understand from the Twitter that the day’s flavour is the otherwise little cared for bulb. As the Congress is planning to use this in UP elections, typically this would happen over the next few years. As you read only request is to stop thinking intelligently.

Congress becomes the single largest party in UP. It forms the Government with outside support from both BSP and Samajwadi as the communal forces (read BJP) have to be kept out.  MMS is made the CM of UP. Nearly 3 years later, the NAC comes up with the much required plan of changing all bulbs in UP.

A ministry is set up with the specific duty of ordering for the bulbs. The minister decides to give the order on FCFS basis to whoever is willing to supply the bulbs. Concurrence from Finance Ministry is obtained. MMS as CM is completely in the dark (Pun unintended). All bulbs are changed. An year later there are reports in news papers that there was a massive scam in the change of bulbs.

All News channels fall head over heels to project the Government’s stand and discredit the Whistle Blowers. How long can you keep the light hidden. Slowly the issue becomes so big that it cannot be hidden. This is mainly due to the action of the few hundred activists fondly derided as “RSS Agents”, “STOUs”, “Internet Yindoos”. Immediately a few ELMs  take credit for the exposure and BJP spokespersons are questioned what they have done to stop this loot of the country.

The Nation’s favourite Questioner gives a long lecture to Ravi Shankar Prasad on why BJP is solely responsible for the mess the State is in. Ravi Shankar Prasad explains his friendship with the anchor and as he starts explaining BJPs stand a commercial break is taken. On return an Activist from an NGO explains why Naremdra Modi is a bigger threat to the State. Again RSP does the same thing. This goes on a loop in one channel. There are minor variants of same in other channels. Sibal said there is zero loss to state as all bulbs were replaced with zero watts bulb.

It’s 2017 already and the NAC is busy scripting the next Manifesto.

Moral of story: The Intelligent join the *Bulb Changer*, the Jobless tweet about it and the utterly jobless (this author) writes a spoof on it.


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