The Right to comdemn

Humour (or in its mutations – satire, spoof) has always been a more pleasant outlet for rage than sticks and stones (or shoes as is the current craze.) As is customary in such solemn occasions, we need to quote Thiruvalluvar here – *Idukkan Varungal Naguga* – When in trouble smile. We not only smile but also laugh as long as it is our neighbour who is in trouble.

But seriously thinking about humour, the best has always come from the most troubled societies.  The Jokes about Communist countries, Lalloo’s Bihar and most other such troubled spots has been legendary. The fact there are no new jokes about Bihar is an indicator of Nitish Kumar’s good work. You could write an article of few thousand word’s but cannot match the impact of this one simple joke about Lalloo’s (mis)rule:

A visiting Japanese dignitary tells Lalloo ‘You have all of Natur’s Gifts. Give us Bihar. In 20 years we will convert it into a Mini Japan.’ Lalloo replies ‘Give us Japan. In just 5 years we will convert it into a mini Bihar.’

We have hundreds of articles about the *alleged* EVM frauds. Subramanian Swamy has gone to Court and the decision of the High Court is unique in that it pleases all. The ELM says *EVMs have been accepted by Court*. Subramanian Swamy says *Order has enough Masala to approach SC*. But try matching this one joke from a communist country:

There was a burglary in the Office of the Home Ministry. The minister asks his secretary was anything valuable stolen. The Secretary replies nonchalantly, ‘Nothing important sir. Just the results of the election to be held next year.’

The recent hullabaloo about Salman Rushdie, the reactions to it reminds me of this apocryphal story of the Soviet era. M F Hussain is discussed more than Rushdie. Any attempt to name the current culprits are countered by 1000 responses of *Why have you not blamed the previous offenders?*. Similarly when CWG scams are discussed we are told Narendra Modi’s crimes are worse.

A US citizen was talking to a Soviet Commissar. He told the commissar how open was US society. He said *I can go and protest against our President outside White House.* The Soviet Commissar said, *You just have the Right to protest, we would be given a Medal for that.*

If you think I am equating Padma Awards to Soviet Medals, that is an indication of your single track mind. Oof, these Internet Yindoos…


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