MMS as Global Leader

This is an excerpt from the Hindu Article here.

The Prime Minister referred to the eurozone crisis, saying it showed “several signs of stress” and wanted the Asian countries to send a message of solidarity to Europe as they had a stake in early resolution of the problem.

This is not the first such occasion. It has been commented a few times earlier that he prefers to leave India when parliament is session. Now that the Winter session is about to start and there is too much to deal with in India, it surprises me as to how a PM could travel away from the country so much.

It is not just the travel but also the sound bytes. On the day there was a hike in petrol prices in India he commented that Petrol Prices must find their own levels. In a few days Petrol Prices have been revised downward. On the same day that he commented Indian prices must find their own levels, he said International Markets (with Europe in mind) must grow in an orderly manner.

His penchant for International issues remind me of this story. I used to use this story when people ask me how I could spend so much time on social websites / issues when I have so much domestic commitments. I have a feeling MMS is in a similar situation.

A man was asked how he was in perfect peace with his wife when all his friends had frequent arguments with their spouses. He explained thus – it is a simple solution.My wife and I have split our responsibilities. My wife takes care of minor things like Household budget,funding the deficit and bringing up the children while I take care of major issues like the Kashmir, Iraq and Afghan issues.

  May be MMS is saying the same thing to other world leaders when they ask him such a question.



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