Why Lokpal Lite may be better than Janlokpal

I started writing this blog as *Why better enforcement is not the panacea to Corruption* in August. But I did not complete it. Then it was a simple story that I wanted to stress on.

There was this orphanage where some kind souls placed a bowl of chocolates on the way out of assembly. Afraid that every child may not one, they placed a notice next to the bowl with the words *Take just one. God is watching you*. Another set of kind souls placed a bowl of Mints. An enterprising child placed a notice next to it saying *Take as many as you want. God is busy watching the other bowl*.

That is typically what will happen if Jan Lok Pal is seen as a Panacea. Subsequent events have shown that some wisdom is dawning on the supporters of Jan Lok Pal bill. They are now being a little less *cock sure* and much more circumspect in their approach. Lokpal may be long delayed but certain other ombudsman have been created in the meantime and is working with various degrees of success like the IRDA (for Insurance), TRAI (for telecom) or the Banking Ombudsman. I do not think that these agencies meddle too much into the affairs of their *wards* (if you could call them that). It is more the threat that is working. *Crying Wolf* may not be a bad policy as it is made out to be. Better that than be exposed as toothless.

One other reason why a Lite version of Lok Pal might work than the Jan Lok Pal is the fact that the weight of expectation would lead to the Lok Pal collapsing due to its own inherent weight. Some thing similar is already happening to Team Anna. Leave alone the insinuations of unethical dealings. The inherent contradictions, the profusion of leaders and the absence of workers is already showing.


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