Why Congress never fails to shock me

I came to know from Twitter that Congress had taunted Narendra Modi saying that he was denied the US visa. later I saw Manish Tewari say the same thing on NDTV in his characteristic way.

I am reminded of an old joke that I heard when I was very young, probably thirty years earlier. An U S Marshall asks a cowboy to prove his identity. He takes out a poster to prove his identity. It has his photo and says “Wanted – Reward $500”.

Today MT did roughly the same thing. He taunted Modi saying US denied him a Visa. He could have as well gone ahead and said “whereas they sent an invite to our kamalnath” and promptly shown the Summons he received.

PS: I do not support US action against Kamalnath. It is an intrusion into the Sovereign Rights of India. And as Barathi said *We might fight amongst ourselves but we are brothers*.


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