Perils of Lowering Bars to suit your leader

This blog is in response to defense of Ms. Kiran Bedi on twitter by a good friend. Ms. Kiran Bedi has been lampooned online for some of her antics recently.

This favourite story of mine puts my mind in a very succinct form. Humorous stories are never Politically Correct. I have modified this story to include the Right Wing as the Protagonist.

The Right Wing Trolls were upset that none of the Intelligentsia accepted them as their equals. Some of them got together and wanted to prove that they were up to it. They got together and got a set of Intelligentsia sympathetic to their cause as jury to prove that their candidate was as much an *Intelligentsia* as those of the opposing camp.

On the day of the trial the small set of jury was dismayed to find that they had to face a huge crowd of *Right Wing Trolls*. To save the situation, they thought they would ask some simple question and end the torture at the earliest. The first question they asked was “What is 10 + 10”. The candidate answered wrongly. The crowd realised this from the reaction of the Jurors and shouted “Give him another chance.” This happened a few time. But finally the Jurors got the right answer when they asked “What is 2 +2”. But the crowd by now used to the repeated failure of their candidate ignored his right answer and shouted “Give him another choice”. That is the problem with lowering the bar to fit your leader. One doesn’t know when to stop.

On the other hand I am comfortable more when my leader honestly acknowledges his limitations. That does not in anyway diminishes his ideologies which I accept for their integrity.

An earlier article in similar vein: Remembering Rajaji Warts and All


One thought on “Perils of Lowering Bars to suit your leader

  1. Sridhar: I am almost surely missing the context, but this notion that people care about the intellect (or some other objective standard of excellence) of their elected leaders is somewhat open to question. You are quite right that people keep lowering the bar for their leaders so long as their ideology fits – most recently, Bush, the younger, is a good illustration of this process of dumbing down standards (whatever those standards are – you apply almost any standard – Bush would likely not qualify). Ronald Reagan, the widely hailed (if not universal) god of conservatives comes to mind as well. The question is: if leaders acknowledge their limitations in a world that demands certitude, will they remain leaders for long? If, for instance, Obama said: “Look, I am not an economist – I am not sure whether the stimulus is going to work or not and I am not sure that some of my policies that increase the deficit will work or not – but I am sure that if we are to call ourselves a developed country, we cannot have 50 million people who do not have any form of health coverage.” or something to that effect, I wonder how that would impact his re-election chances?

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