If Certain People become God

Today (19th August, 2011) there was an enlightening set of tweets from a News Anchor. The series of tweets went like this:

Q: Why there is bribe in admission for MBBS Seats. A: Because demand is more than supply. Solution: Increase MBBS seats.

When i was in my 8th standard I came across an interesting Simulation Package called Foxes and Rabbits. Supposing this logic of demand and supply is applied on population of Rabbits it would run like this:

Q: Why is the population of Rabbits low?
A: Because foxes eat them.
S: Kill all foxes.

Population of rabbits still will not go up, because the food available can only sustain a certain number of rabbits. The excess would die of hunger.

By a similar logic Number of MBBS seats cannot be increased to cover the market demand for MBBS Seats. A Doctoral thesis can be written on the subject. I would like to close this post with this thought.

The Doctor who passes out treats a patient.

Q; Why Patients have Head Ache?
A: Because they have heads.
S: Off with their heads.

I can only imagine that this would happen if this solution is immediately enforced.



3 thoughts on “If Certain People become God

  1. Hi.. interesting question. But, I think, the question is not about demand-supply of MBBS seats, but about demand-supply of doctors (in general) and good doctors (in particular)… since there is a shortage of doctors, the price (& earning potential) for doctors is high, thereby creating incentive to aspirants to pay their way through to that profession.

    So, if we were to remove the constraint in seats that leads to supply shortage of (good) doctors, perhaps the market would find its equilibrium eventually.

    Of course, I do believe that it is not just the MBBS (or any other professional) seats that are the constraint; we probably do not have enough good aspirants too because of the poor quality of the primary and secondary education system. Any solution has to start at that level and work itself downstream to professional / higher education.

    • Dear Srini,

      Thanks for your insightful comments. Fully agree with them.

      My take was on a different count which i did not explain properly. There was a series of tweets by a CNN-IBN anchor with same template.

      I was only reacting to the reduction of all major problems to one simple template to suit one’ s current ideology.

      Work as Head Finance in a Corp Hospital so can appreciate your line of thought.

      once again thanks for your comments.


  2. 😀
    there is a less free market solution, one which is never talked about.
    our tax money pays for state funded schools. Improve their quality. Get in decent teachers.

    With RTE in place, the number of kids getting into the school system is only going to increase. Schools exist, but where are the teachers 😀

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