A message for all?

An excerpt from an article in “The Christian Messenger” an Evangelical News paper by “Robin Sam” on the violence in Punjab recently.

There seems to be a new militant view in a section of our community that has emerged post-Orissa riots. Advocates of this view seem to believe that muscle-flexing and strident speeches will prevent further attacks on Christians. A Catholic priest in Punjab has gone on record demanding death sentence for those who put up the offensive picture of Jesus at Jalandhar. Isn’t that a Talibanesque war cry? Are we regressing as a community?

Read the article for further information


3 thoughts on “A message for all?

  1. We all know the brutalities which the Christian Kingdoms/Church is capable of- ‘The Crusades’, the holy war to spread Christianity, had witnessed brutal killings in the name of religion. The Christian missionaries in India have been only “acting” when it came to showing Compassion,love and kindness etc just for the purpose of “harvesting the souls”. Now that their true colour has been exposed, they are going back to their own ‘Natural selves’.

    The Riots in Kandhamal in Orissa was the result of the brutal killing of Swami Lakshmanda , who had spend more than 4 decades of his life for the upliftment of the Kandh tribals, and who opposed conversion in the guise of Charity. The Christians and the prejudiced Media, both Print and Electronic, always leave out the cause and only blow the result.

  2. I am reminded of the saying of Rev. Desmond Tito :

    “The Missionaries ,came with their bible, to Africa, where we had all the land. They taught us to pray , and when we opened our eyes they had all the land and we had the bible. ”

    I am also reminded of another marketing gymic they employed in Africa. First they said that Jesus was white and the Satan was black. It didnot impress the black Africans. Then they painted Jesus Black and Satan White, and the black Africans got fooled.

  3. Sridhar,
    Xtianity is polished goonda gardi. Capable of brainwashing the masses into a cult. There was even a Pope who questioned whether Jesus existed. Thought provoking post.

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