Quote for the Month – Feb 2010

Excerpt from Express Buzz dated 24th Feb 2010

A Marxist finishing school?

NEW DELHI: A finishing school for Marxist ideologues? Far-fetched as it may sound, it will soon be a reality in New Delhi.Prakash Karat has hit upon the idea of grooming budding Lefties with just the right dose of ideology. The same CPM central committee meeting in Kolkata that saw the unfortunate exit of veteran trade union leader W R Varadarajan from party posts endorsed Karat’s plan to set up a school for future leaders.The latest issue of the CPM mouthpiece, People’s Democracy, even carries an advertisement for this upcoming Central Party School in New Delhi, not so far from the proposed headquarters of the Indian National Congress.The CPM Central Party School, somewhat like the grooming centres that dot the map of People’s Republic of China and produced leaders like Hu Jintao, will be named after Harkishen Singh Surjeet.Karat said that the Surjeet Bhavan would “provide political and ideological education to party cadre,” some of whom would no doubt become leaders as well. The curriculum will be welldefined so that the upcoming cadre and the leaders have proper knowledge of the canons of Marxism-Leninism.But, it would not be confined to hardcore theory alone. The students would be given lessons on international relations, politics, history, political theory, current affairs, economics, environment and a bit of management skills.

But I thought they already had the JNU for this!


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