Now we know how Padma Awards are decided

An extract from a DNA Article:

Advani cites Padma awardee Zakaria to criticise Nehru

Nistula Hebbar / DNA
Tuesday, February 16, 2010 0:03 IST

After accusing Manmohan Singh of kowtowing to the American line, BJP leader LK Advani has taken on former prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru for his foreign policy “blunders”.

Advani has quoted extensively from journalist Fareed Zakaria’s book Post-American World to shore up his argument against Nehru.

Advani is not saying anything new, but it leads one to ask how Zakaria managed to get a Padma Bhushan even after being critical of Nehru.

While Manmohan Singh has been accused by the BJP of projecting India as a soft state in his eagerness to start talks with Pakistan, Nehru has been accused of naivete in his dealings with the world. To the extent that “his [Nehru’s] mishandling of Pakistan has left terrorism and Kashmir as two festering sores for our body politic to this day,” says Advani in his blog.

Now we know how Padma Awards are decided.


One thought on “Now we know how Padma Awards are decided

  1. Pandit Nehru was responsible for most of India’s Foreign Affairs debacles, be it the China Policy,or Kashmir Affairs.

    In the case of Kashmir, Nehru handled the affair of the Hindu kingdom of Kashmir joining the India Union, while Patel handled the rest of the Kingdoms/regions. Nehru was instrumental in bringing in Article 360 giving Special Status to Kashmir. During the Partition , when the Pakistani troops invaded Kashmir to threaten the King to join it, the Indian Army gave a fitting reply to the Pakis. General Cariappa ( if I remember right) wanted just 1 week to recapture the areas captured by Pakis ( now POK). But the arrogant Nehru ‘internationalised’ the issue by going to the UN, making the ‘Line of Control’ at that time the border between the Countries. Thus the strategic POK remained with Pakistan, and still remains so; even Pakistan had the audacity to hand over some portions of POK to China. With POK remaining with Pakistan, there is now a direct land link between China and Pakistan, which previously was not available.

    In the case of China, Nehru didnot listen to the warnings from different quarters, of the wrong intentions of China on India’s Borders, with the result that he as well as our country was taken by surprise during the Chinese incursion of 1962. The Congress Govt at the centre now has still not learnt its lessons from previous happenings, with the chinese becoming openly aggressive at Arunachal Pradesh and near Leh in Jammu and Kashmir.

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