Modi Vs. Chidamabaram – What does Decency dictate?

Today (4th February, 2010) the IBNLive website claims;

One 26/11 handler could be Indian, says Govt

For the first time the Union Government has admitted that at least one of the 26/11 terror handlers could be Indian.

Union Home Minister P Chidambaram, speaking exclusively to Vir Sanghvi on Network18 channel CNBC-TV18, claimed that there could have been an Indian hand in the Mumbai terror attacks.

The Home Minister said that voice samples of the suspect from Pakistan were essential to conclusively establish the identity of Abu Jindal, who is suspected to the Indian handler.

P Chidambaram: There was a handler in 26/11 whom we have known for long, or suspected for a long time, could be an Indian.

There was another incident with the same players some back.


26/11 probe: Modi vs Chidambaram, Pak gains

Pakistan is a country at war with itself, but even as there was more evidence of Pakistan’s internal incoherence on Wednesday, there was a war of words in India too over the 26/11 Mumbai attacks probe, when Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi hinted at “there was local involvement in the 26/11 attacks”.

Home Minister P Chidambaram snubbed Modi by asking him how he knew this and whether he was in touch with Pakistan. Modi jumped up to clarify that all he meant was such a huge attack could not have been done without local reconnaissance.

Shri P Chidambaram has a few choices.

1. He could get Shri Modi arrested and interrogated to find out how he knew about the Indian Involvement. Not very different from the way Shri Gurumurthy was harassed during the Sankaracharya affair in Tamilnadu.

2. He could apologise for his earlier action.

3. Sit tight. Act as if the earlier incident never happened. Anyway the media and the public have short memory.

What would he do?  What does decency demand?


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