Pink Chaddi – Nominee 3

The PTI published the below mentioned article on 12 th January, 2010

Kochi, Jan 12 (PTI) The Kerala High Court today lifted the bail conditions imposed by a magistrate court on Congress leader and AICC member Rajmohan Unnithan, arrested last month for allegedly indulging in immoral activities with a woman.

Allowing the plea of Unnithan seeking relaxation of the conditions, Justice M Sasidharan Nambiar directed the petitioner to appear before the investigating officer as and when required.

While granting bail to Unnithan, a Magistrate court in Manjeri had directed him to appear before the investigating officer every Friday and not to leave Kerala.

He was arrested on December 20 after being found in the company of a woman Seva dal activist at a house in Manjeri town in Malappuram district and released on bail the next day.

A person reading the above would never believe the story behind the court order. To quote from Economic Times of 14th January, 2010.

According to media reports, local activists of DYFI, the youth wing of the ruling CPI-M, and the People’s Democratic Party of Abdul Nasser Madani, broke into a house at Manjeri in Malappuram district to find Unnithan with a woman. They accused the two of immoral activity, actually took their photographs and held a public hearing for hours before handling them over to the police.

Unnithan and his 32-year-old female companion, a former Congress Sewa Dal member, were subjected to medical tests and had to spend a night in the police station before being granted bail by the Manjeri first class judicial magistrate the next day. And all this for being in the same house.

Since that day, Unnithan has been using all his time, energy and oratorical skills to explain he was set up and that he had no sexual relationship with the woman in question. Most commentators, bloggers and the public at large are debating what the two grown-ups were doing in the house and trying to guess if any remark from this otherwise small player in local politics may have led to a possible entrapment (Unnithan is known for his sharp and often nasty remarks.

For example, when the Congress invited K Karunakaran to rejoin the party, this is how he explained why the former CM’s son Muraleedharan was not invited: “Vada comes free with masala dosa in Udupi hotels, you don’t need to order separately.”) Meanwhile, the man’s own party, Congress, has ordered a probe into the incident.

Paul Zacharia was one of the very few who protested. He was later mahhandled by the DYFI. Pinarayi Vijayan’s defence of this attack has been quoted even in this blog.

The question is

There was no sexual relationship  as assertained by the test.  In any case it would have been consensual. Who is to answer for the damage it does to the woman’s reputation?


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