Pink Chaddi – Nominee 1

PC (Pink Chaddi) Award Nominee 1: Chander Mohan! No! No! It is Chand Mohammed!! Stop Press! It is Chander Mohan again

It is that time of the year when the Liberals award the most fundamental character around. The award started with a bang last year when Nisha Susan decided to award it to Promad Muthalik last year.

This year the Liberals might have moved onto other things more interesting. But the Rationale behind the award remains. I will try and present 3 cases worth the award and would leave it to the readers to decide who deserve it most.

To reproduce wikipedia entry on him is the easiest way to give the background

Chander Mohan, is the former Deputy Chief Minister of Haryana State in India. He was dismissed from the State Cabinet for his prolonged absence from the office. He is a former student of Lawrence School Sanawar. He resurfaced, after marrying Anuradha Bali alias Fiza and converting to Islam with her and adopting the name Chand Mohammad. The conversion was merely to facilitate a legal second marriage, as Hindus/Sikhs are not allowed multiple marriages in India. Actually, the ban on polygamy (for the Hindu majority of the country) was imposed by the Indian government; and not by their religion. Some Muslim clerics protested the misuse of the tenets of Islam for “a marriage of convenience”.

For this act of bigamy, he was disowned by his father, Bhajan Lal, who is the former Chief Minister of Haryana State.[1]

On 29 January 2009, Mohan left Ms. Bali, claiming that he still loved his first wife and his children and wanted to reunite with them. He is believed to have moved to the Haryana city of Gurgaon at that time.

Ms. Bali is a former Assistant Advocate General of Haryana who left her employment to marry Mohan in December 2008.[2]

Mohan’s brother, Kuldeep Bishnoi, is a politician in Haryana.

Chander Mohan was readmitted to the Bishnoi community at a brief ceremony held at the Bishnoi Mandir in Hisar on 28th July 2009 in presence of religious leaders[3].

There was hardly any sympathy for the woman. Agreed she was a home breaker! But does that justify what Chander Mohan did.

The voters of Haryana for once did not think so. Again wikipedia says:

Kuldeep and his party, Haryana Janhit Congress won 6 seats in state assembly elections in Oct 2009. He won from Adampur seat with a narrow margin of 6000 votes. This was the lowest margin ever got by Bhajan Lal family in Adampur seat, a pocket borough of the family. But Kuldeep’s mother, Jasma Devi got an embarrassing defeat by the hands of Prof Sampat Singh in Nalwa cosntituency by a margin of 10901 votes. It was first defeat for Kuldeep’s family in Haryana politics ever after formation of the state.[1].

The worst jolt came to Kuldeep Bishnoi in first week of Nov 2009 when his negotiation talks with Congress party failed and 5 out of 6 legislators of his party merged with the ruling Congress party in Haryana. Kuldeep was left alone in the party. Kuldeep however showed strong commitment to stay aflot with the party and not to join Congress.

Kuldeep is the brother of Chander  Mohan. Jasma Devi, the brothers’ mother.


2 thoughts on “Pink Chaddi – Nominee 1

  1. My nomination for the award would be Mr. N.D.TIWARI, the former governor of AP, who I feel will beat all other contestants ‘pants-down’. By all fairness, N.D.TIWARI should have been Nomination No 1, taking into consideration the age at which he performed his feat.Would the mistake be rectified????

    • I was thinking more at insults to women. The N D Tiwari case i thought was more a case of consenting adults. but then i understand that it is the honest reaction of a concerned individual.

      Thanks sir for bringing that episode to lime light. i have one more nominee – the DYFI and PDP cadres who surrounded the house where rajmohan unnithan from congress and his collegue rested, got the police to arrest them. The police did a check whether they had sexual relationship. Can the police arrest a couple if they had consensual relationship. Incidentally the police concluded that they did not have sex.

      It was all on live telecast in kerala.

      regards, sridhar

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